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Last chance to smash Reuben

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

News from Reuben: his job will require him to spend the next two years in Canada. He writes:

I am leaving on Wed Dec 8th and so Monday evening 6th will be my last workout at the dojo for a while. As such if anyone wants a last chance to smash me then I would gladly oblige them that night !!

Its hard to believe I have been at Oishi for almost 11 years now. In fact I had my first workout on the very first day I moved to New York – 1st June 2000 (as it was the only New York dojo that had a website !! ….. thankfully) and fondly remember almost dying from the Leonard Street summer sweat box !!! Good times.

I expect to be back to NY every few months and will be sure to drop in for a workout. I also welcome ANYBODY to visit us in Calgary – I have already found a good dojo up there – one that I think Sensei would approve of.

Monday night, folks. Let's see our friend off in the manner he deserves.

If you want to stay in touch let me know and I'll send you Reuben's email address.