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Recap of Wednesday's class

Friday, March 7th, 2008

[I was sending Jeff a recap of Wednesday's class and thought what the heck, I'll put it on the blog, with minor edits.]

Numerous crowd-pleasing throws for ippon.

G's tai-otoshi has gotten noticeably better. The extended leg is springier, not so much straight out like a stick. He was throwing R around pretty often, and R is no pushover. I mentioned the improvement to G and he said he got it from I, in particular the ouchi-gari as a setup. It doesn't have to be a serious ouchi-gari; a threat will do. He said the best thing to improve one's tai-otoshi would be to watch tapes of I and MC.

Y caught O with, I believe, a kouchi-gari and landed him flat on his back. He also got EK with a perfect seoi-nage — I think it was morote — complete with that moment of flailing by uke trying not to go over. Y got applause for one of those throws; I forget which.

M got D with a hard harai-goshi. D got him back with something shortly thereafter. I feared one of those two delicate persons might have been harmed in the exchange. Miraculously, they were okay.

Of course I was too polite to mention this at the dojo, but I find it very inconsiderate that people are improving in my absence. Don't they realize how hard this makes it for me to throw them? It's bad enough that they improve when I'm there.