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October 2010 Hudson Promotionals

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

[UPDATE: The matches are all up on Vimeo.]

The Hudson Promotionals were yesterday. We won some, we lost some. Congratulations to J Lee who made batsugan in the sankyu division in his first tournament.

Here's a highlights video, which I posted on Vimeo because I still haven't sorted out my login problems with YouTube:

I'll be posting full matches throughout the day. I have half a mind to switch to Vimeo, but I like having all my Oishi videos in one place, and there are a number of people who have already subscribed to my YouTube feed. Still undecided.

There were a couple of matches I didn't get. As usual there was one that I kicked myself for missing — a big ippon by Mike P near the end of the day. I thought I had it but I had forgotten to press the Record button. Fortunately Mike got it on tape. I'll post it when I get a copy.