Bahamian judo

Saw this video in another great post by Lance Wicks, this time on Judo4Parents.

Although I don't have kids, I look forward to catching up on the Judo4Parents blog. It will be educational for me and will provide good food for thought about judo in general. I hold out hope that my 11-year-old nephew, who's been doing Shaolin kung fu for a few years and loves it, will someday give judo a try. His one-year-old sister could be a good grip-fighter some day, judging by the way she grabs the sleeve of my shirt.

2 Responses to “Bahamian judo”

  1. Lance Says:

    Hi, I was blown away when I saw the video on Mike's blog ( ). They seem to have a clear vision of what the want to achieve and of how to do it. Lance

  2. Andy Says:

    That's another great blog I'd like to catch up on.

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