Great judo demo

I just saw this on Lance Wicks's blog,

This video I found on the OKCDT website and I think is from Australia. Please note the laughter, the clear message of what Judo involves. The "ooh"s and "ahh"s. The loud applause. Note also the use of male and female demonstrators and of people of different sizes.

I've embedded the video below — it is great! The instructor's voice is a little hard to hear, but the audience reaction is unmistakable. I saw Lance's post on Planet Judo, a great judo blog aggregator (hello, Planet Judo readers!).

Sensei and his brother gave a demo at my high school many years ago. I don't remember much except the crowd going "Ooh!" at one point when Hachiro-san suddenly whipped out a fake knife and charged Sensei, who threw him. Straight out of the nage-no-kata, but Sensei dressed it up with a little drama for the crowd.

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  1. Lance Wicks Says:

    Hi, glad you found and liked the video enough to embed it on your site too. Like I said in my post I got it from Mike Darter over at

    Great to find out you are using Planet Judo too, it is slowly growing. This post of yours is at the top right now!


  2. yotam Says:

    That's a great introduction!

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