Help wanted — dojo move on Memorial Day

seven dwarves

Jeff tells me Sensei is planning the move for Memorial Day. That's Monday, May 28, 2007. Work will continue on the two days after that. Helping hands would be appreciated.

I'll post an update when I find out more, or of course you can call the dojo.


It's for real, folks. Saturday will be our last class at 79 Leonard St. Those of us helping Monday will show up at 10:00. Work will continue for the next few days, so if you can volunteer let Sensei or Barbara know.

There will be a cocktail party on June 6 at 7:00 at the new location, 547 Greenwich St. (Here's a map.) Our first class there will be Monday, June 11. Unfortunately I'll have to miss class that week, because I'll be out of town.

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  1. sandro Says:

    I have offered to help on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, in case help is still needed (I'm out all weekend…)

    If anyone needs help then, give me a call: 646 220.7109

    (good luck!!)

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