Hudson Promotionals, May 2007

after throw

Oishi Judo had a good turnout for the Hudson Promotionals yesterday. Congratulations on quite a few strong performances.

I've posted YouTube videos of all the Oishi matches I was able to get, along with the ever-popular highlights reel. I have questions about two of the matches — see my notes next to the links below. If you have an opinion or a clarification, I'd appreciate a note in the blog comments below, or in an email.

The highlights reel has become something of a tradition. It started when I put together three ippons by Milton from the promotionals last October. Then in February Sensei suggested I put together highlights from the dojo tournament we had. Folks responded positively to that video, especially folks who couldn't be there for the tournament, and it's been a tradition ever since. In fact, for the Liberty Bell I posted only highlights.

Okay, here are yesterday's matches:

And here's the highlights reel:

Thanks to Sandro for the ride to North Bergen, and thanks to Dan for the ride back.

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