Thanks and best of luck to Dave and Anne

Seems like only yesterday I was waxing nostalgic about Sensei Dave Williams while at the same time believing in my heart he'd be teaching Tuesdays and Thursdays forever.

The fact is, there is no "forever". Dave and Anne are moving to Florida, and tonight — in just a few minutes — Dave will be teaching his last class at Oishi. I'll be there, sorely regretting that I didn't come more when I could.

On July 11 Sensei Andy hosted a farewell party. Here's a Flickr set with some photos. If you're on Facebook, Thomi Lee posted some there as well.

Please join me in wishing Dave and Anne the very best. Maybe take a moment to "look for Marius's friends" tonight. (If you've ever been a Tuesday/Thursday regular, you'll know what that means.) And remember, "Bikini weather's coming."

IMG 0791

[UPDATE: Yotam posted some excellent photos as well. See the link in his comment below.]

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