Hudson Cup

Jeff sends this news from Sunday's Hudson Cup:

The first Hudson Cup was contested Sunday September 24, 2012. The tournament was well run, and had about 400 participants. Turn out was greater than expected, so the tournament ran into the night. While this year's tournament was at the Boys and Girls Club of Wayne New Jersey, the plan is for the tournament to be held at Tech Judo for 2013. Billy Martin acted as Tournament Director. Mel Applebaum was the head referee.

The following individuals participated from Oishi Judo.


  • Jeff Summa
  • Naokuni Kuwagata (Medal)
  • J C Islander (Medal)
  • Sean Rivera

Oishi Alumni, now with Jason Morris

  • Mark Hatton
  • Jack Hatton
  • William van den Broeck


  • Bob Henry
  • Paul Virtue


  • David Williams
  • Stephen Friedman
  • Joaquin Gonzalez

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