2009 East Coast results

Congratulations to all Oishi players who competed in the 43rd East Coast Judo Championship on September 19. In addition to those listed below, Patrick Younan and Mike P also competed, and Arthur Zolotarevsky was on the sidelines shooting video.

Men Brown Belt

-161 2nd Place JEAN-EZRA YEUNG

-220 3rd Place DANIEL W

Men Black Belt

+220 3rd Place JOHNNY FAULKNER


-200 2nd Place MILTON CHACON

Here's Milton coming out of the turtle position to get osae-komi:

Unfortunately, I missed a big throw for ippon that Milton did. I was watching the wrong mat and didn't realize he was playing until I saw the throw out of the corner of my eye, just too late to catch it on video. Hate when that happens.

Here's a match well-played by Jean-Ezra:

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