My illustrious career


My mother found these 30-year-old trophies when my parents moved last month.

In 1978 I apparently took third at the Yonkers YMCA Christmas tournament and second at the 12 Towns YMCA tournament.

I didn't stop there: in 1979 I took third at the Kennedy-King Judo Games, and second at the Eastern Queens YMCA Great Neck.

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of those third place showings were in pools of three. I rarely won matches, although I always tried to play nice, stand-up judo.

I only remember throwing for ippon one time, using a left ippon-seoinage to left osotogari combination. The ref's call was disputed, but he said the other guy had landed on his scapula. I remember him using the word "scapula." That wasn't my only ippon, though; I'm pretty sure I got at least one by osaekomi.

I know I had one good tournament where Sensei Williams's son Chris beat me in the finals with a big, hard-won ippon after I was up a waza-ari. That day was by far the highlight of my illustrious tournament career.

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  1. Dan Says:

    Better then my tournament record.

  2. Andy Says:


  3. Brian Says:

    I competed in the kennedy Judo tourn. in the late 70's we were probably there at the same time. I also was not good but placed 2nd two times. I was very thin then and was in a small weight class. I have the same trophys. I wish I continued with judo

  4. Andy Says:


    Thanks for the comment. I too wish I had kept up my judo. I ended up coming back after 25 years away, but of course I'm nowhere near what I could have been.

    Take care and happy holidays.

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