Oishi results from the 2007 East Coast

[UPDATE: Jeff pointed out that the official results for the whole tournament have been posted.]

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It happens at every tournament. I try to get as many of our matches on video as I can, but I always miss a few for some silly reason. At yesterday's East Coast Championships I had a perfect vantage point at the top of the bleachers, where I could see all three mats and easily zoom in to any mat where an Oishi player was fighting. But my attention wandered and I managed to miss a few matches anyway. I'll try to do better at the promotionals next week.

Here are the medals we won:

  • Jeff Summa – second (Masters B, -175)
  • Bob Henry – first (Masters A, +220)
  • Nina – first (Senior females, -154)
  • Paul Virtue – first (Senior brown belts, -220)
  • Karim Wahib – third (Senior brown belts, -198)
  • Germain Difo – third (Senior brown belts, -178)

Others who played were:

  • John Harris
  • Jean-Ezra Yeung
  • Michael P
  • Alex Hon
  • Ron Lehman
  • Zuri Russell
  • Jason Mitchell
  • Frank Gomez
  • Matt Gelfond

Thanks to Jeff for filling in some of the data. Any errors or omissions are purely my fault.

Here's a one-minute highlights reel:

Here are the matches I managed to record (some only partially):

6 Responses to “Oishi results from the 2007 East Coast”

  1. Karim Says:

    Thanks Andy…It's great study for future matches. I thought I had Ippon on my 2nd Match frame 2:13. Seeing it over again and with some of the bystanders reacting…I know I did.

    I wish they had Video Replay in Judo.

    Cheers, Karim

  2. Sonam Says:

    aaaahhhh!!! so bummed I missed out – was out of town this past week. Andy, thanks for all the video clips. Great results, guys, and Paul V – I like your new hairdo!

  3. Roman Says:

    thanks ,,, i will be there nest time and hoping see you too regards… Roman

  4. Zeynab a.k.a Z Says:

    Oh I miss you guys! Looks like there were some new people. Zuri, are you married yet? I just had judo with Jimmy tonight. I will hopefully be there next year. Thank you Andy (dont know if you remember me)…

  5. Andy Says:

    Great to hear from all of you. Zeynab, I certainly do remember you!

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