A few dates, with links where possible

I saw that Sensei posted some upcoming dates on the window of the dojo office, so I thought I'd post them here as well, with links to some of the events. You'll have to ask Sensei for details on the others, because I got tired of Googling for them. It baffles me that it's so hard to find an official web page for some of these events.

Date Event
Oct 6-7 East Coast Championship, Newark, NJ
Entry form: PDF or Word format
Oct 13 Hudson Promotional Shiai, North Bergen, NJ
Entry form
Oct 19-21 U.S. Open, Gwinnett, GA
Info and forms (see links under "Coming Events")
Oct 27 Referee Clinic, Brooklyn, NY
Cancelled, according to this
Oct 28 Kata Clinic, Brooklyn, NY
Nov 4 Tech Judo Shiai, North Bergen, NJ
Info and form (click on "events")
Nov 17 Kata Exam, North Bergen, NJ
Nov 18 Cranford JKC Shiai, Cranford, NJ
Nov 25 Nakabayashi Shiai, New Rochelle, NY
Dec 2 Northeastern Invitational, Paterson, NJ

Update: Tech Judo now has info on their site. Thanks to Jeff for the heads-up.

Update: Hudson Judo has put up an application form for the 10/13 promotionals.

Update: Jeff sent me a corrected date for the kata clinic. Hudson Judo has put up the application form for the clinic, which is 10/28, and for the exam on 11/17.

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