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Oishi Judo patch

Sensei still has plenty of Oishi Judo patches. They are 3 inches in diameter and look great on the chest or shoulder of your judogi jacket. You can click the image on the right to see a closeup.

Five bucks each — a small price for looking sharp.

I've had three patches for weeks, and recently bought a fourth for my gym bag, but haven't gotten around to sewing any of them on. I should probably get my dry cleaner to do it instead of procrastinating on a job I'll probably botch anyway.

If you do try to sew a patch yourself, you might want to prewash it. I read somewhere this makes it easier to thread and also reduces shrinkage problems. I think I'll prewash mine even if I outsource the sewing.

Little known fact: last October, Nina brought a lemon tart for us to enjoy after the East Coast tournament. She made a decoration for it out of white and dark chocolate, based on the same Oishi logo that is on the patch:

chocolate decoration

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