Another benefit of learning judo

You can catch people trying to rip you off:

Pham walked into Azia, the upscale Asian-fusion eatery he owns at 2550 Nicollet Av. S., and found the pair finishing off some expensive drinks after a hearty second dinner that included a rack of lamb.

"I thought, 'Oh my God, I can't believe my wishes are so powerful,' " Pham said.

When they tried to flee, Pham, a former judo instructor, chased Reginald Wilder into an alley, forced him to the ground and held him until police arrived. Lance Burrow was arrested a half block away.

I wonder what technique he used.

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  1. Yotam Says:

    From later in the article, it says is was a "basic" throw and then he put his foot on his chest:

    > Wilder fled the restaurant, with Pham in pursuit. Pham caught up with him in an alley and ordered him to stop. Pham said Wilder reached into his pockets, and Pham, fearing he might be armed, took him down with a basic judo maneuver. Pham said he then put his foot on the man's chest and held him until police arrived. <<

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