Lesser-Known Benefits of the Practice of Judo

Jeff writes:

Following up on our discussion of last night as to why we do judo, I am setting forth below a list which I and others compiled a while ago (2000). I alone am not so creative. For example, I remember David Soto suggesting number 16.

I love it. Here's the list, with only one minor edit:

  1. As years pass, you can still wear the same clothing, having sweated off the excess weight.
  2. Free chiropractic through getame waza.
  3. Free exfoliation through getame waza.
  4. No need to go to a doctor; you know why you’re in pain.
  5. Old judogi pants stylish and comfortable (if tattered) drawstring pants.
  6. Ukemi useful when you slip on ice.
  7. Mat burns are cheaper than tattoos.
  8. Bruises and abrasions impress co-workers and family.
  9. Judo headaches cover hangovers well.
  10. Judo replaces psychological stress with physical stress.
  11. Judo makes food taste better.
  12. Judo gives you get full value for your medical insurance premiums.
  13. Judogi jacket helps give slenderizing tapered appearance.
  14. Judo ukemi useful in other sports such as rugby and skiing.
  15. Judo prepares you for a career in the World Wrestling Federation (especially with the advent of Blue Judogi).
  16. A clean choke is a good fix for a dirty neck.
  17. Judo teaches you the value of a good sleep at night.
  18. Believed by practitioners to promote charisma.
  19. Judo may give you more humility than you ever wanted to get.
  20. Judo heightens appreciation of Martial Arts movies.
  21. Blue judogi are a foray into fashion.
  22. Judo is more macho than yoga, but demands about the same flexibility.
  23. Judo gives you energy, especially on the days you don’t go to practice.
  24. Sweeping the mat after class is good training to become a Zamboni operator.
  25. More clothing than sumo.
  26. Implicit weight training in carrying blue and white judogi to tournaments.
  27. Fewer splinters and brick chips than karate.
  28. Judo politics put national politics in perspective.
  29. Judo provides a socially sanctioned opportunity to pummel others.
  30. Judo teaches you the subtleties of anatomy through injury.
  31. Knowing those who practice Judo gives one a new perspective on mental illness.
  32. Judo is a good cover for a tatami fixation.
  33. Judo is a good cover for broken English.
  34. Dojo locker rooms make other health clubs look opulent.
  35. Blue judogi good training for wearing dark suits for formal occasions.
  36. Judo makes all parts of your body hurt equally.
  37. Easier to carry judo equipment than skiing equipment (even with blue and white judogi needed).
  38. Less muddy than rugby.
  39. The same flexibility as yoga, but no incense or tights.
  40. Beer practically mandatory for senior training.
  41. Strong muscles hold weak joints together.
  42. Provides the chance to scare oneself to death on a regular basis.
  43. Nothing else to do.
  44. Trains the most delicate organ of the body – the ego.

2 Responses to “Lesser-Known Benefits of the Practice of Judo”

  1. sandro Says:
    1. As strenuous as the practice may be, after Judo, I don't feel anything.

    (I don't feel my arms, I don't feel my legs….)

  2. Andy Says:

    If you give Jeff a second to choke you, he'd be happy to relieve you of all physical pain during class as well…

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