Lucca, 1996

Here's one of my favorite matches, from November 16, 1996. Just watching the judo I would have thought the girl was Nina, but Nina was older by then, and was playing in that tournament as a green belt. Nina has confirmed that this was her sister Lucca.

I don't mean to spoil the outcome, but note that Michael Spinks lasted three times as long against Mike Tyson, in one of the quickest and most brutal knockouts in heavyweight championship history.

One thing I've loved about these old videos is seeing the pleasure on Sensei's face when he watches the kids from the sidelines. In this match he's refereeing, but he still gets a chuckle at the end when he throws in a "name that throw" pop quiz.

3 Responses to “Lucca, 1996”

  1. PAUL VIRTUE Says:

    Is Lucca playing you Andy???

  2. Andy Says:

    It does look kind of like when Nina smashes me, doesn't it?

  3. Zaid Says:

    She's playing a kid named Rafi… i remember… i was there

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