Another June wedding

Our dojo has another newlywed. Zuri and Reiko got married this morning at the Buddhist Cultural Center on Chrystie St. It was the first Buddhist wedding I'd ever attended. Will and his girlfriend were there as well.

I don't remember the full sequence of the ceremony (I'll review my videotape later), but there was a lot of bowing to elders, there was the exchange of rings, the priest made some pronouncements, and there was chanting. Good-luck gifts were presented to the couple by a procession of grandmotherly ladies. I thought that part was sweet.

After the ceremony tables were set up and a vegetarian meal was brought out from the kitchen. I especially liked the dumplings. The cake was excellent and there was lots to go around, but I limited myself to one small piece, because, you know, the weight thing.

Mazel tov, Zuri!

cutting the cake

food for the gods

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