Must go to Geido

Geido is the sushi restaurant that catered the dojo-warming party. I've never been there, but judging by the food and energy they brought to the party, and Sensei's longtime fondness for the place, it must be terrific.

There's a nicely written review, with photos, at a blog called "All You Can Eat NYC." The review gave me a sense of why Geido has a following, and not just customers. In this respect it reminded me of our dojo. The reviewer writes:

Most Asian restaurants are either very austere or intentionally over-the-top energetic. Geido is the first I’ve found that recalls the loud, laid-back Jewish delis of my youth. People come here to gab and eat and catch up with their neighbors.


I remember a few seconds leaning back against the wall, wishing I hadn’t eaten that last bite, taking it all in — the day was done and all of us were absolutely in the right place.

331 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217-2813
(718) 638-8866

B, Q at Seventh Ave.
2, 3 at Bergen St.

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