I'm still going through old video. I've digitized all the dojo tournaments from the 90's, but it takes quite a bit of time to select and edit excerpts.

For now, here are two highlights reels. I don't know most of the people who were there at the time, so I focused on the few people I recognized.

This one is from April 9, 1994.

This one is from a tape labeled "children's / adults judo tournament, Oishi's 1994." The dates on the other tapes suggest that Sensei held tournaments twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, so I'm assuming this one was in the fall. Nina got her orange belt at this one, by the way.

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  1. jaime Says:

    I was the guy countered by Willie. Amazing to see me, 13 years earlier, with no hair.

  2. Andrew Pernambuco Says:

    I remember that tournament. That was Jaime Montemayor who was countered by Willie. Jaime had been playing judo for about 2 years at the time (he had started with Sensei Ivan Villegas and me in Brooklyn) and he was fearless. Jaime now teaches judo to kids in Maryland. A gentle soul if there ever was one.

  3. Dano Villegas Says:

    Glad to see that there are still many Judoka's out there putting videos on YouTube! This reply is for Andrew Pernambuco, where in Brooklyn (and when) did you study Judo with my father Sensei Ivan Villegas? It's possible that you already know that he passed six years ago. Please contact me at… daddyofsix@gmail.com, thank you.

  4. Sensei Artie Brown Says:

    Hi Dano!!! I remember the day you were BORN!! Your Blessed Dad was my one and only sensei. He was second to none. Your dad and mom , Rosemary, were my very, very, dear friends. I was the NYC open division judo champ thanks to your dad. I came in 4th in the All Eastern Judo.Tournament and I defeated the Kentucky State Judo champ and I defeated Mexico's national Judo champion when I won the Jaliso State Championship. THIS WAS ALL. BECAUSE OF THE TRAiNING OF SENSEI IVAN VILLEGAS. Please give my warm regards to your mom. Your Dad would always say: "If you think you Japanese, yoooou Japanese!!!

  5. Martin Goldberg Says:

    Artie Brown I remember you well.My name is Martin Goldberg.I had a 3rd Kyu Brown belt under Sensei Ivan.I worked out at the JCH with Howie Stoler,Oxford & Barry Schwimmer.Great memories.

  6. Martin Goldberg Says:

    I believe Howie's last name was Stoller.

  7. Martin Goldberg Says:

    Sensei Arie Brown, Another person I trained with was Chino. If I remember right there was a tournament at a dojo in Manhattan where you injured your right arm by landing on it.I also went to a few classes at a Y in Canarsie.I rember Sensei Ivan taking me to the Itailan American club in that area.Alot of great memories.I remember Sensei Ivan being great at foot sweeps,mat work and I remember times of people choked out. Martin

  8. Dano Villegas Says:

    Hi Sensei Artie Brown! Thank you for your great message. It's too bad that I'm just seeing this now. My dad would be very happy with the kind and respectful words you've shared on here. In fact, as I was reading this, my wife handed me the phone and it was my mother, Rosemary. I mentioned your name and she shared how you called her when my dad passed and other memories from the past. I'm glad that you have such fondness for my parents, thank you for being a friend to both of them. I'd love to keep in touch, please e-mail me at… dano.villegas@gmail.com – God bless!

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