I finally got around to reviewing and trimming the videos from the Hudson Promotionals on the 15th. Unfortunately I can't upload them to YouTube yet as I'm having trouble logging in. Hopefully I'll get it straightened out in a day or so.

I realized I never posted the results. There were four Oishi competitors:

  • Kevin won his first two matches — which were in fact his first two tournament matches ever — and thus advances from sankyu to nikyu.
  • Alan Best made batsugan and thus has only to pass his kata and knowledge test to advance to shodan.
  • Karim and Alex had some good matches.

Matt Crane, Paul Virtue, and Dan W were there for moral support. Apologies if I'm forgetting anyone.

As usual there was one thing I missed through carelessness: I looked away from the camera at the wrong moment and one of Alan's throws for ippon takes place off-screen. But I think I did at least get all the Oishi matches this time. Between the senior and masters divisions, Alex had eight matches and I got all eight.

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  1. YG Says:

    Congratulations, Alan and Kevin! It's about time Alan made shodan! It's also about time Alex and Karim did. 🙂

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