Hudson Promotionals, October 2008

Kevin McGrath threw for ippon twice with hiza-guruma. The ref was blocking my view of the first one, but upon reviewing the video I'm pretty sure it was hiza-guruma.

John Harris made batsugun with four ippons: two throws, an osae-komi, and an armbar.

Rich Fabella, who was there to spectate, pointed out something I hadn't noticed: the refs were allowing plenty of time for newaza before calling matte. If this is a new trend, I approve. (By the way, thanks to Rich for the ride home.)

When the tournament was over I got some much-needed exercise myself by helping pick up and stack the mats.

Here are Kevin's two throws for ippon:

Here are John's matches. You can hear Alison rooting for him from the sidelines:

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  1. Yotam Says:

    Congratulations, John! I saw that coming. 🙂

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