Dojo tournament highlights

Everyone played nicely at the dojo tournament on Saturday. Hisato got the most wins, and John Faulkner got an award for Throw of the Day. Below is a highlights video, which you can also view with a direct YouTube link. I'll post a couple of individual matches later. Also photos when I have a chance to go through them.

2 Responses to “Dojo tournament highlights”

  1. Yotam Says:

    Thanks for putting this up!

  2. Patrick Parker Says:

    Great video. I really liked that you showed that you can run a club tourney in what looks like a fairly small space. my club looks to be about the same size and we have been reluctant to run stand-up tournaments for fear of throwing into the walls or through windows. We do mostly groundwork in our space.

    Thanks again! Great video.

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