Our dojo's official web site is oishi-judo.com, with a hyphen. A while back I noticed that nobody owned oishijudo.com, without the hyphen. I registered that domain name and got it to redirect to oishi-judo.com, with the hyphen. This way if someone tries to find us by guessing the URL, or if they've been told the URL but don't remember it has a hyphen, they'll still end up at the right place with a minimum of trial and error.

I did this with three other domain names that I saw were available. Here's the complete list:

  • oishijudo.com
  • shirooishi.com
  • shiro-oishi.com
  • oishijudoclubnyc.com

If you go to any of these, you'll automatically be redirected to oishi-judo.com.

That last one was because I noticed the Oishi t-shirt says "OishiJudoClubNYC" on the back, and I thought someone might see the shirt and think that was the name of the web site.

2 Responses to “OishiJudo.com”

  1. Dan H Says:

    Good work Andy. I'm staying in touch with Oishi Judo by your blog.

  2. Andy Says:

    Hey!! Great to hear from you!

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