When giants collide

I was cleaning up my hard drive and came across a copy of a DVD that someone made at the 2003 East Coast Championships. Sensei must have given me the DVD during the move, and I must have ripped it and forgotten about it without ever watching it.

Have a look at Steve Friedman and Mark Hatton going to war in what I assume was the finals:

Other people I recognized were Alex Hon, George, Jack Willoughby, Jeff, Mark Hatton, Owen, Joaquin, Sonam, and Will Heinrich.

The identity of the videographer is a mystery. Sonam thought it might have been a guy named Willy (not Will Heinrich), but I found the guy on MySpace and asked if it was him, and it wasn't. I just noticed at the very end of the video it says "copyright (c) ebcs productions," followed by the address of a post office box in Brooklyn. I'll try writing to that address. I hope whoever took the video doesn't mind my posting an excerpt on YouTube.

Here are all the Oishi players who won medals that weekend. I can only imagine the nachas Mark must have felt when his son won second place.

Master “B” (43-49)
Light (-185)
1.Terushige HorimibuCranford, NJ
2.Clyde WorthenTech Judo, NJ
3.Joaquin GonzalezOishi, NY

Master “B” (43-49)
Heavy (+200)
1.Stephen FriedmanOishi, NY
2.Mark HattonOishi, NY
3.John WilloughbyOishi, NY

Boys 7-9
1.Morris PolishchukTiger, PA
2.Jack HattonOishi, NY
3.Brian FritzscheCranford, NJ

Boys 10-12
1.Alexander SalemLiberty Bell, PA
2.Daniel GoreCranford, NJ
3.Mohammed AftisseOishi, NY

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